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Santa Fe Sunrise

Good morning from Santa Fe. We aren’t having winter so far this year.. Bring your short sleeves and come enjoy.. Check out all my listings. This is a great time to buy. 505 690 0233

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Santa Fe Indian Market 2016

If you have never been to Santa Fe Indian Market start to plan now for 2017. I got an email the other day from a long time friend in Austin. It went something like this, “Murray and I will be in Santa Fe the 3rd week of August.” (It sou...

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Santa Fe is known for its art. No question about that. Now from an abandoned bowling alley meet Meow Wolf.

Meow Wolf is a production company that creates immersive multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into wondrous areas of storytelling. George R R Martin is the genius behind Meow Wolf. The following is a quote from the El...

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Santa Fe’s Stunning Sunset

Surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains, the sunsets provide unforgettable performances! Yes, I am talking about the Santa Fe Opera. I have been to the opera a few times and I really don’t know anything about Opera. Here ...

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Fly Fishing in New Mexico

High Dessert Angler 460 Cerrillos Road in downtown Santa Fe (505) 988-7688 is the best place to get everything that you will need. The best approach is probably to stop by the store and get acquainted. Here is some helpful information for your ...

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El Parasol

There are many things that Santa Fe does really well. Two of those are great places to eat and art. We have a lot of both. I am told that there are over 300 restaurants. The thing about places to eat here is if they aren’t good, they d...

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Now here is something new in Santa Fe

If you are in town on June 25th there will be a grand opening of the Native Bee house.. It is being held at the Rail Yard Park. We are proud of our Rail Yard Park. There is always something going on there. The Farmers Market on Tuesday and S...

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Here are some tips for first time real estate photographers

The house in the ad looks nothing like Santa Fe. I posted the photo below so that you would have a better idea of what Santa Fe offers.

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The Santa Fe Spa

If you are new to Santa Fe, or new to getting in shape, or you have been working out your whole life, The Santa Fe Spa has everything that you need. The, "Spa" has a full array of equipment, dry sauna and steam and a class for every level of f...

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Sierra Del Norte

Sierra Del Norte is a beautiful sub carved into the mountain on the way to the Santa Fe ski area. I have several more photos of this home. If you are looking for a Santa Fe home in one of our premier subs please email me.

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