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El Parasol

El Parasol
There are many things that Santa Fe does really well. Two of those are great places to eat and art. We have a lot of both. I am told that there are over 300 restaurants.

The thing about places to eat here is if they aren’t good, they don’t last. So having said that, here are a couple of favorites that you may miss.

El Parasol is a grab and go place. If you are more accustomed to a sit down place, this should be an exception. Where I am from places like El Parasol didn’t exist. If they did I didn’t know where they were. Along with a lot of other things, I have changed my opinion about where to eat.

El Parasol is top of the list for Northern New Mexico and Mexican food. Just say that you have been looking at art all day and you are thoroughly exhausted. Give them a call and they will have it ready for you. The tortilla chips and salsa are totally addictive, be careful, they will haunt you.

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El Parasol Taco

Mexican standards & homemade tortilla chips.
Address: 1833 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508
Phone:(505) 995-8015


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El Parasol Shushi

Here is something else that you may not think of, Sushi in the desert. Yes, we have it. Here is my favorite. Kai Sushi. The wait staff is very nice and friendly. If there is someone in your party that may shy about raw food, suggest the cucumber salad to sort ease them into it. For those of us that love it all dive right in. They do serve beer and wine. There is only thing that I feel that they should improve on. I love really good Sencha. They serve basic green tea. I even tried to get them to order from where I get mine at home, but no luck. In spite of that I still go there every chance I get. Please email me and let me know how you liked it.

720 St. Michael’s Dr
Ste 2-M
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Phone number (505) 438-7221

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