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Buying In Real Estate In Santa Fe

While waiting for someone today I was thinking about what makes for a successful purchase. Here are some thoughts based on many years of experience.

  1. I would say planning ahead is the most important. What does that mean? Contact me a couple months in advance of your visit. I can help you arrange accommodations according to your needs and much more.
  2. Tell me what you are looking for and include your budget. Please don’t tell me a low price if you really will be willing to spend double that amount. I will give you an honest appraisal of what is available. If what you want is here for less I will find it for you. The idea to start low and work your way up in a colossal waste of time. I know Santa Fe very well and will be delighted to help you find what you want.
  3. So much can be done on line before you get here. Most listings have great photography. But some do not. That does not mean that if the photography is poor, the property is poor.  I will do my best for you. Here is a check list that you may want to use. Click Here.
  4. Four days is about enough time needed to find what you want. Santa Fe is small. For example, if you want to be in a golf community, there is one. Las Campanas is our golf community. There are always nice homes on the market. We can cover what is for sale in the time frame easily. One exception would be ranches or horse property. That is completely different because they are spread out. One a day per property is probably about right because of travel time and the time need to show the property. I have a whole page dedicated to ranches. Click Here to see Ranch properties
  5. Once we are acquainted and you like what I have to offer I will ask you to sign a buyer broker agreement. If you like I can send it to you ahead of time. In our current market it is essential for both buyer and broker.
  6. Let me know when we start corresponding on line if you are going to need a mortgage. It works really well if you have a nodding acquaintance with the mortgage broker prior to your visit. Another heads up. If you are thinking of using an out of town bank I will try diligently to talk you out of it. The reason is simple. It just goes so much more smoothly if you can use one of our people.
  7. Something to take notice of: Santa Fe is 7200 feet in the air. If you are world traveler no problem. If are not and you want to enjoy yourself here there are plenty of options for you to start using before you arrive. Ask your family doctor. Altitude sickness is no joke. I am happy to discuss this with you also when you contact me. Also one drink of alcohol here goes a long way. I have many not so funny stories that I can tell.
  8. Santa Fe is wonderful town with plenty to see and over 300 restaurants. You can’t go wrong. We are having cool moist summer. Everything is green, really green and the Santa Fe River is running. The Plaza is alive with music. If you want to do something this summer, please don’t wait. It is very busy here this year. I look forward to working with you and I am happy to answer any questions. Thank you for reading. You can also read Why Choose Me Carol Allen 505-690-0233 call or text..