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Curb Appeal List

Curb Appeal is everything

Stand in front of your property and pretend that you are a buyer. What do you see? Here real estate is bought on emotion. It’s about selling a dream..(almost every time)People fall in love here. Probably just like you did when you first bought. Having a property ready to show is everything.

How is the drive way? If you are on gravel make sure that it is as smooth as possible. Check the home from the roof line down Inspect the condition of the paint and or or stucco? Is it time to color coat or stucco? Is touch up paint needed? Is the front door in good shape? This is a big one. Clutter around the front door with some personal treasure is not a good idea. Are plants neatly pruned Are the beds properly mulched? Are flowers in bloom?If not, do you have photos when they are? This a 12 month a year business. Most buyers don’t live here. If you have beautiful photos on line, don’t wait until the market is saturated. Get the property on the market. By the time they get here things will be blooming. Bottom line, Does the house look welcoming?

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