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Home Appreciation

Understanding Santa Fe property prices

home appreciation

What is the most important factor affecting real estate appreciation in Santa Fe? Many think that it’s the economy. It goes without saying that there are some factors on a national level that change your property value here: unemployment, mortgage rates, consumer confidence, and more.

However, your property’s value and the aspects that play the most significant role in its appreciation are particular to the local Santa Fe real estate market.

Today is January 16, 2016. Traditionally this time of the year the market is very quiet.. Not true this year. We have been blessed with huge snowfall. The ski mountain is buzzing. Here is how I gage it. Whole Foods is packed all day and traffic is terrible. (for Santa Fe). LOL. If you own here and are thinking of making a move I would like to talk with you. Please read, “why choose me” on the site.
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