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Staging Your House

Careful home staging is a proven strategy used to sell a property here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some positive aspects of home staging include fewer days on the market and better offers. You should definitely try professional home staging company. Every dollar spent will improve your bottom line. .I am happy to point you in the right direction

Look at staging your house as creating an “image” for your house like a publicist would do for a high profile politician. Just like creating an image draws the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your house a more desirable listing on the market.

Realtors talk. If they show a sharp house and isn’t a fit for the buyer that they have that day they will tell other brokers about it. Prepping your property for showings shouldn’t be thought of as a nerve-racking experience. It can actually be a blast. One more point on staging. This might mean just adding a few things to what you already have and or you packing up some of your treasurers and getting them out of site. Together, we’ll strive for a premium offer for your real estate sale. Start with this home staging advice and you’ll see that your home spends fewer weeks on the market :

Take a fresh look at the outside of your house from the view of a passerby. What jumps out at you? What eye-catching features seem waiting to be noticed? Acknowledging this assists us in deciding what steps we can take to entice buyers from the street and into your house. If your house isn’t the best it can look on the outside retouched paint and a blooming garden plants can help a lot.

Take a look at the staging your home check list. Does your house seem to say, “This is Your New Home” to a buyer? Look through your home from a buyer’s view. A professional can help you make decisions on what to put in or move out of the property. We are blessed with some wonderful resale shops that will most likely be happy to help you find a new home for some things. Also, storage places abound in Santa Fe. So one way or another we will be able have your Santa Fe property look it’s best when the new owner comes shopping .

Table and counter tops should be clutter-free. Arts and crafts, souvenirs, family photos, and refrigerator drawings should get moved out of sight. The golden rule is, “make like you are moving”..Because you are. We will look over every room of your house together. Things that can directly impact your bottom line include rooms that need fresh paint, fixtures that need polishing, and windows that need washing. Windows are really important. Sparkling clean windows are a big plus… I’ll make sure that your house has mass appeal and that it’s inviting, steering clear of “loud” or “too-bright” colors on the walls and furniture.

There are few houses that can look their best when they are vacant. There are however exceptions.. Some of the hand crafted adobes can look very inviting without furnishings or very minimally furnished. Setting the stage In the short time that your house will be on the market, we want to capture buyers’ attention. Brightening up your interior is of major importance, so we’ll do things like draw back curtains and add lighting where needed to welcome the buyer. Together we’ll enhance the air of the house with enjoyable music playing softly and assure a delightful fragrance circulates throughout your house. The staging company may add cozy-looking throws, and pillows on your sofa and bedding. We want buyers to feel like your current house is their future home.
Using home staging techniques will get your house sold more easily in Santa Fe.

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