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Kaune’s market

If you are moving to Santa Fe or you already live here I want to introduce you to Kaune’s market. Here are a couple of quotes from their web site and my personal experience.

Established in 1896 with a focus on quality, service and unexpected finds. Kaune’s is located on Santa Fe’s east side across from the Roundhouse at Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail.

“At KAUNE’S, we’d say our products are more curated than simply selected. Yes, you’ll still find your favorite staples, but there’s so much more to delight your taste buds. From fresh baked breads and handcrafted chocolates to flavorful and easy meals in minutes, Kaune’s wants you to take time to nourish, indulge and celebrate each and every day.”

They carry organics, have a great wine selection and most everything for the gourmet and their meats are considered excellent by long time residents. Give Kaune’s a try. Pronounced like the name , Connie.”

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