Santa Fe is growing up.

Santa Fe is growing up. But, we are still Santa Fe. This photo was taken today 7/1/15 LOL

Just hangin’ out in the shade after a morning with the American Idol try-outs crowd. (Jackie Jadrnak/Journal)

It’s less unusual than you might think to see people on horseback in and around downtown Santa Fe. These two gentlemen and their mounts (plus one) were hanging out, quite appropriately, in the shade behind Kowboyz, a shop that sells new and used Western wear in the Railyard District.

Were they shopping for some new boots and hats? No, they had spent the morning over at the line-up for American Idol auditions Friday just down the street.

So what was their act? Rope tricks, dancing, warbling a cowboy tune?

None of the above. They were just trying to draw people’s attention to the fact that the rodeo is in town through Saturday over on the south side.