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Santa Fe Summer

Here we are August 9 2015. While most of the rest of the country is sweltering let me tell you what is going on in Santa Fe.

There is a breeze but it kinda blows up above in the trees. I am not saying that you wouldn’t feel it but it’s not a pest. You can hear it rustling the trees and occasionally it will touch you. Then it just stops suddenly and shows up somewhere else. Visitors might say, “It’s hot”, then the breeze clips them and they know that it is isn’t. Of course there is sun and blue sky with a few clouds. The clouds just seem to stand still then suddenly they disappear.

We have been blessed with record rain this year so everything is green green, (no that’s not a typo) Any plant that ever thought about making a showing is out this year. The town never looked more beautiful.

Having said all of this, it is late summer for us. I tell people when I work with them that you can set a clock by the seasons in Santa Fe. After they have been here a while they see what I mean. Late summer for me means windows open at night and me with a blanket.

There are plenty of interesting things going on in Santa Fe all year. Right now is the peak time. Indian market is just around the corner. (more on that next week) This is the best time to shop for just about anything. People come from everywhere with their wonderful hand made items. My most treasured possessions were purchased from these vendors. If you follow my blog I will do my best to keep you in the know about Santa Fe. Carol Allen Santa Fe real Estate Broker 505-690-0233